Smart Transport for Sustainable City

The project aims to develop an ICT platform for the development of innovative mobility, promoting the use of transport systems like flexible bus, car pooling, car and bike sharing integrated with traditional transport systems.
A platform has been developed which acquires  mobility data from central monitoring traffic  and heterogeneous data sources, and communicates with mobile terminals (equipped with GPS, UMTS or WiFi),  providing mobile information services.

The user through an application on their smartphone can plan  multi-objective paths in real time, taking into account the situation of traffic, delays and the availability of means of transportation such as  buses, car pooling or mode trasport alternatives like bike sharing.

What we did:

  • Forecast of park space availability and bike availability in bike sharing systems
  • Advanced equilibrium algorithms for O/D matrix estimation and calibration
  • planning routes for bike sharing maintenance bvehicles
  • multi-objective multi-mode shortest path computations


Years:  2012-2014

With these partners:

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SMARTY – Smart Transport for Sustainable City