Names are roughly sorted on the basis on when they have been active in the lab, most recent ones are at the end of the page

Gerardo Poggiali

Ing. Paolo Frosini (PhD) now at Resolvo s.r.l. (Managing Director)

Ing. Mirko Maischberger (PhD) now at HERE Technologies (Hands-on Software Architect)

Prof. Marco Locatelli now at Università di Parma

Ing. Andrea Cassioli (PhD) now at Maersk (Optimization Specialist)

Prof. Bernardetta Addis (PhD) now at Ècole des Mines de Nancy

Ing. Alessandro Lori (PhD) now at Verizon Connect (Head of Data Products)

Ing. David Di Lorenzo (PhD) now at Verizon Connect   (Data Science Team)

Dr. Tommaso Bianconcini (PhD) now at Verizon Connect  (Data Science Team)

Dr. Marco Gualtieri now at Verizon Connect  (Software Development Team)

Ing.  Luca Bravi (PhD) now at Verizon Connect  (Data Science Team)

Ing. Niccolò Bulgarini (PhD) now at The Boston Consulting Group (Senior Data Scientist)

Dr. Federica Picca Nicolino (PhD) now at M.A.I.O.R. (Operations Research Analyst)

Dr. Laura Prati

Ing. Benito Zaccone now at Intuendi (CEO)

Dr. Alessandro Galligari (PhD) now at Intuendi (CTO)

Dr. Guido Cocchi (PhD) now at Intuendi (Head of Data Science)

Dr. Francesco Bagattini (PhD) now Freelance Data Scientist (Flair Tech)

Ing. Giulio Galvan (PhD) now Freelance Data Scientist (Flair Tech)

Ing. Tommaso Levato (PhD) now at DAZN (Backend Software Engineer)

Ing. Luca Tigli (PhD) now at Intuendi (R&D Developer)

Dr. Roberta Rossi

Dr. Leonardo Galli (PhD) now at RWTH Aachen University (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Dr. Leonardo Di Gangi (PhD) now at Oròbix (Data Scientist)

Ing. Enrico Civitelli now at Comau (Machine Learning Engineer)

Ing. Alessio Sortino (PhD) now at Zuru Tech (Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer)