Models and Algorithms for management and organization

(Modelli e algoritmi per l’organizzazione e la gestione)

Teacher: Fabio Schoen, with part #4 from prof. Marco Sciandrone

Short syllabus:

  1. Introduction to optimization models for decision-making.
  2. Methods and models for  inventory management;
  3. methods for production planning;
  4. automatic classification
  5. Advanced methods and model for production

Textbook: teacher’s lecture notes  available from the course web site

CFU: 9  (72 hours of lecture)

Aims and scope: Knowing models and algorithms useful for the representation and optimization of managerial problems

Prerequisites: Elementary notions of linear algebra

Extended program:

  1. Linear optimization models: linear models, network flows, integer linear programming models, modeling techniques, logical constraints. Outline of solution methods for linear problems
  2. Elementary models for inventory management: economic production lot, instantaneous and continuous supply, large quantities discounts, finite horizon models. Stochastic models for inventory management – single period (newsvendor)
  3. Models and methods for production planning Model with deterministic and variable demand; Wagner-Within algorithm, Zangwill algorithm for backorders;
  4. Advanced models for production planning; alternative formulations, cutting planes methods
  5. Methods and models for the automatic classification Introduction machine learning techniques. Robust classification robust through support vector machines (SVM)