Covering and localization problems

Other fields in which Operations Research might help:

How to cope with reduced offer for critical services?

  • ┬ápublic transportation. Although social distancing needs to be further promoted, demand for transportation needs to be satisfied. Although, the offered service needs to b reduced, both for scarce availability of drivers, and for low demand.
    Which bus lines to maintain active in order to cover the region where demand for transportation arises?
  • Set covering models: which facilities, (shops, gasoline stations, ….) are we allowed to maintain open so that they are as few as possible, yet they cover current needs?
  • Set packing models: which facilities (supermarkets, shops, …) should we keep open so that they are as much as possible, yet no two are “too close” each other?
  • obnoxious path planning: how to choose a path which minimizes contact events