Today, thanks to an initiative of Marco Sciandrone (thanks Marco, you too are a great professor!), we had a great, great lesson (not a lecture, a lesson). Luisa Stracqualursi, a statistician, came to tell us her recent story. Her story is not one of pain, fear or anger, as one might expect when life is not going as you originally planned or hoped. Her story is one of joy, openness, love for and from her students. Creating a link with your students, as they are persons and you, as a teacher, are a person too, and creating links, relationship, is the essence of our life. Listening to her, I found myself very often to envy her, for the deep relationship she could create with her class, forgetting that the origin of this had been a severe illness. An incredible lesson. If you wish to know more about her, she published a book of letters from her students   and a web page is devoted to tell her story and raise funds.

A special lesson, today