For the second year I took part to the “Pianeta Galileo” initiative by Regione Toscana. Today I gave a lecture on Operations Research, Decison models and Data Science to students of the Scientific curriculum of the Liceo Statale Niccolò Machiavelli – Firenze

As in my previous experience, I am really so satisfied!! The location is astonishing, in a wonderful palace on the Arno river:

and the (large) audience was fantastic: I had a two-hour presentation to a large group of interested, active, nice students. No one was distracted. I am really confident in this new generation….!  And I hope some of them will be a student of mine in Operations Research at the school of Engineering in Florence, hopefully  in Information Engineering (but most of our Engineering curricula are valid indeed)


A lecture to students of the Niccolò Machiavelli State School