Gerardo Poggiali

Bernardetta Addis (now professor at Ècole des Mines de Nancy)

Tommaso Bianconcini (now with KKT / Fleetmatics)

Luca Bravi (now with KKT / Fleetmatics)

Andrea Cassioli (previously Product Manager – MOSEK ApS – Copenhagen, now Optimization Specialist at Maersk)

David Di Lorenzo (now with KKT / Fleetmatics)

Paolo Frosini (now with Resolvo srl)

Marco Locatelli (now professor at Università di Parma)

Mirko Maischberger (now with Nokia Here)

Laura Prati (now with Department of Mathematics and Computer Science)

Niccolò Bulgarini (now at Dada)

Benito Zaccone (now at Intuendi)

Federica Picca Nicolino (now at Gucci)